Rochester City Councilmember


Meet Mitch

I was born and raised in Rochester in a liberal, Democrat household.

After graduating from SUNY Binghamton in 2006, I traveled throughout east Africa and the middle east to work on various social justice projects. I returned to Rochester in late 2007 and began working for Action for a Better Community as a Head Start teacher on Hudson Avenue.

I met my mentor Tom Ferraro in 2008 and began working for Foodlink, where I now serve as the Chief Programs Officer. I have implemented some of the most critical public health programming in Rochester, like Curbside Market, Lexington Ave Urban Farm, and several job training programs. For this work Governor Cuomo appointed me to his Council on Hunger and Food Policy.

While at Foodlink I earned my PhD in American history at the University of Rochester. My dissertation analyzed the decline in urban food access in Rochester during the twentieth century, and argued that a strong municipal government can foster equity and social justice for all residents.

My wife Amy and I were married at the Rochester Public Market. We own and live in a home in the Susan B. Anthony neighborhood, where I am an active member of the neighborhood association.