Rochester City Councilmember





"Mitch has my full endorsement." Carolee Conklin

Effective city leaders take pride in the little things, the things most of us don’t notice. They take note of potholes to fix and streets to sweep. Great leaders, however, possess the foresight to see beyond the problems of today.

When Carolee Conklin, a three-term City Councilmember and longtime City Clerk, looks into the future, she sees a city that needs young innovators and effective leaders. She’s found one in Mitch Gruber.

Mitch is bright. Mitch is progressive. Mitch has the administrative and fiscal experience to do the job right. Most important of all, Mitch is hard-working. Mitch has my full endorsement for City Council.

We couldn’t be happier to share Councilmember Conklin’s endorsement of Mitch. An independent herself, she likes his independent streak, and we do too. She recognizes the integrity it takes to administer a multi-million dollar budget, as he’s done with the small leadership team at Foodlink. She knows he’s developed the fiscal sense and managerial skills that it takes to ensure a healthier, better tomorrow.

We see Mitch as a bridge across communities and across generations.

Mitch has the leadership, administrative skill, community-driven work ethic and independence needed to build a Healthier Rochester.

Join us on September 12th and vote Mitch Gruber for City Council.

Mitch Gruber