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PRIDE 2019 -- We Remember

We remember; We rise, We fight, We ROC. This was the 2019 theme for Rochester Pride.

My mother came out when I was a young boy. I found it confusing, and I felt some embarrassment when I was with my peers. One of the things that really helped to change that was the first time my mom and her partner packed me up in the car and took me to a Pride Parade. I began to recognize that differences in gender, orientation, identity, and expression are something to celebrate, that these are things to be proud of.

The Pride Parade is about more than just having fun - it’s about inclusion, diversity, and love. This year, in particular, the Pride Parade had a significant meaning because it marked 50 years since Stonewall. I am grateful for all those who blazed the trail at Stonewall, and those that advocated for LGBTQ+ rights in Rochester by starting what it is now the Out Alliance.

I am so grateful to the leadership of the Out Alliance for recognizing that the the Parade, as great as it is, can always improve. This year we made some improvements by talking with the Rochester Police Department and ensuring that we could maintain a safe space while making sure that everyone felt comfortable. This even included a training for RPD on implicit bias.

Despite the heat index, we had a great time marching again this year, with a large contingent of friends and supporters. Check out our slide show below, and think about joining us next time!

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Mitch Gruber